2Bond Twin American Walnut

American Walnut is one of the most beautiful and interesting boards we have to offer. full of character with heartwood and sapwood normally kept to a minimum in most of the other floors in our ranges, here it is in abundance making for a wonderfully warm and exciting floor.

Elegance Soft structural appearance with only a few knots and with a straight and wavy grain. Contrasting colour variation and grain patterns, small knots and occasional shakes.

Rustic Our rustic grade is full of natural character, we use occasional heart wood.

Knotholes and shakes are filled with black filler to increase the rustic feel. Shakes are occasionally not filled completely to add to the rustic character.

Thickness: 10mm
width: 120mm
Length: 590mm

Construction: 2-layer

Surface textures:

Sanded: The floor is sanded completely smooth.

Surface treatments: natural oiled.

Designed for use over under floor heating systems.