2Bond Twin Oak White

2bond twin Oak white Noblesse

This natural Oak flooring is carefully engineered to produce a high quality flooring that is of exceptional quality in design and construction.

Noblesse: This is our knotless oak flooring. These boards have a straight grain and only occasionally very small knot points with no sapwood. The grain is straight and wavy giving a contrast in colour within the grain, this give a very clean and even appearance.

Thickness: 10mm
Width: 120mm
Length: 590mm

Construction: 2-layer

Surface textures:

Brushed: The board is brushed along the grain which removes the soft fibres to leave a slightly textured grain.Sanded: The floor is sanded completely smooth.

Finish: Natural oiled Easy Care

Natural Oiled Easy Care is delivered prefinished from the factory,

this means that the floor does not need to be oiled after installation.

The floor can be used and walked on immediately after installation,
the new natural oiled easy care finish provides a rich, durable surface.

Designed for use over under floor heating systems.