American Cherry

American Cherry

American Cherry has a vibrant and definite grain pattern the grain and knots are dark set against a warm red wood. We only produce this board in one grade.

Elegance Soft structural appearance with only a few knots and some sapwood with a straight and wavy grain. Contrasting colour variation and grain patterns, small knots and occasional shakes.

Surface textures:

Sanded: The floor is sanded completely smooth.

Surface treatments: natural oiled easy care or matt lacquered.

Natural Oiled Easy Care is delivered prefinished from the factory,

this means that the floor does not need to be oiled after installation.

The floor can be used and walked on immediately after installation,

the new natural oiled easy care finish provides a rich, durable surface.

Designed for use over under floor heating systems.

Also available:

Skirting, architrave and stair nosing to match this floor.

Grading Size (mm)
Surface Options Finish Options
elegance 13 x 120 x 1200 Lock-It sanded natural oiled, matt lacquer
elegance 15 x 158 x 2000 Tongue & Groove sanded natural oiled, matt lacquer